These have been your morning announcements.

Just like her mother before her, Roxanna seems to enjoy participating in the morning assembly tradition. Here she is rockin’ the mic with the Pledge of Allegiance. Please stand.

“Be excellent to each other.” – Iva, circa 1990 (BCHS)

“I’m doing it!”

Looks like Oliver even surprised himself when he started to ride his bike tonight. What a great way to end the school year. Let the good times roll!

If life were like a Disney tv show…

it would feature an episode based on the annual spring ice show at Winterlodge. There’s definitely something magical about this outdoor ice skating extravaganza in California. So happy Roxanna wanted to be apart of this local tradition again this year – and most importantly, so was she!

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Google’s Take Your kids to Work Day

Today was Take Your Kid to Work Day at Google. Sounded like it was going to be so much fun that I wanted to go too and then I realized for adults it would just be called “going to work”, so I took the dog for walk with a friend instead. 🙂


And it’s showtime!

I’ve never seen such happy pirates….

So proud of all these kids performing in Treasure Island! Love our school community!

Girl Scout cookies for sale!

Save me from myself – what you buy, I won’t be tempted to eat. Selling outside Peet’s coffee in midtown today from noon until 2pm.

Hope to see you here!

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Kids enjoyed the effects of the Pineapple Express weather system that came through town yesterday. Lots of rain but we still need more to help recover from the California drought. In the meanwhile, they enjoyed playing in the puddles after school. Rain boots held over two inches of water and are still soaked inside today. When it rained, it poured!



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